please-dont-cry.appspot.com is a digital-audio-reactive baby I made to keep me aware of how hard having a real baby might be. Watching my friends' kids, I noticed that, not differently from adults, they are much more likely to be crying, screaming or complaining than anything else. So just like that I coded my digital baby. He reacts to the microphone input; laughing for high frequencies and crying for low/mid frequencies.
In case you are on a mobile, he won't enjoy being faced down.

To design the baby's expressions, I tried to figure out what would be the minimum changes to express three emotional states: surprised, happy and sad. By making some drawings, I thought that, if I could parametrize the three moods with few dots, I would be able to interpolate them in a way I could switch smoothly from one to another. You can check the result by hovering your mouse over the rectangle bellow (or facing up and down your mobile).

Even though it might look cool, it doesn't really make much sense until we shape it with some ellipses and bezier curves:

And this is what we get after adding some colors and forcing him to blink if no interaction is detected: